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The belief that once you clean your carpet the primary time, will never need to clean all the time goes back to the early days when the dust and pollutants were less in the air. Back then chemical and water was second-hand to get the carpet clean. These cleaning chemicals worked enormous at attracting soil away from the carpet fiber and suspending soils in the cleaning solution to be vacuumed away. But now it is a tricky job, but our company strive to make available the best carpet cleaning services. You will enjoy a stress-free practice and full satisfaction. This is visibly evident from our work route and customer persistent approach.


Centre City Carpet Care Upholstery Cleaning Services utilizes an established cleaning process which includes a fiber wash that extracts dirt, stain and any cleaning solution from the fabric. Our certified technician applies a cleaning solution to release and pick up rooted dirt. A fiber rinse and removal flush out and removes the lingering dirt and the unique cleaning solution bringing new life to furniture. Upholstery protectors and pet deodorizers are also used available. Our upholstery cleaning services are sturdy enough to clean the inmost stains yet mild enough not to harm furniture.


Rugs and carpet are the same fabric as clothes. So, every little bit of shield one can give to these high-priced textiles helps extremely. The Centre City Carpet Care proposes their cleaning be reapplied every two years to keep area rugs resistant. There are many untrained cleaning companies that either don’t apply the right protector or apply the right techniques for cleaning. In our rug cleaning hub, we get many rugs that have never had cleaning applied. We provide the peak quality of cleaning services using the best maintenance methods, technology, products and tools at the most reasonable pricing with absolute customer satisfaction. We offer deep cleaning services helping you get purge of the toughest stains, pollen, dust and loose dirt.

About  Center City Carpet Care

Center City Carpet Care Service is known for best carpet cleaning solutions in the industry. We use the most modern equipment and 100% non toxic, environmentally secure materials to deep-clean all types of carpets, rugs and upholstery. We offer all levels of services – whether the carpets necessitate steam extraction, porous cleaning, shampooing or other handling. We take care of each job with the admiration that our customers deserve. Our engaged staff provide with the best cleaning services, to endorse longer life to carpets, rugs, and upholstery thereby to preserve an environmentally-friendly home or office.

About Center City Carpet Care

It is essential to notice and find out how much soil is really on the upholstery that appears dirt-free. Upholstery gives the home a whole changed look but when it starts to get mucky like something got spill or pet had an accident with farces it won’t look so fine-looking anymore. Every now and again, people notice a blemish on upholstery and tackle it using family circle cleaner which is quick, easy and most of the time, but it’s pretty not successful to cover up hideous stains on the furniture. Even when stains are not observable, upholstery carries microorganisms that, if not-isolated, can potentially affect the health. This bacteria can be the origin for sickness, so the quicker you invest in upholstery cleaning, the better off you will be. Our company can lend a hand with professional upholstery cleaning services. Our Cleaning is also verified to perk up the air quality in home. Mold, dust, mildew and other microbes can live in upholstery, going unseen to the human eye. Thus, with our regular professional cleaning can avert unnecessary pollutants from dispersal through the air and into body.

In our Cleaning process, we use steps for deep cleaning process to clean the upholstery and bring back its exquisiteness again.

  • First we apply an expressly formulated powerful pre-conditioner to undo dirt, spots, oils, dust mites, pet dander or pet stains.
  • After applying the pre-conditioner we use an individual brush to stir up the pre-conditioner on the fabric of upholstery to disconnect as much dirt as potential and to treat any stain or spot.
  • The final step is steam cleaning of upholstery with a ph-balanced fiber that wash to remove all dirt and cleaning solution from upholstery leaving a healthier and residue free newly clean upholstery.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Philadelphia

Our Cleaning Company also specializes in area rug cleaning whether oriental, braided and all other area rugs. We have cleaned number of area rugs and we know diverse rugs require individual attention. You can trust us to give your most esteemed special attention. We have faced almost any cleaning situation possible, and have the familiarity to get the job done perfectly. We pride ourselves on a long and treasured tradition in the field of rug cleaning and we are the ones to call for your entire rug cleaning requirements. Our experts are conversant in all methods of area rug cleaning. Whether you have a fine hand-woven, traditional or contemporary rug, you want your article to be cleaned unselfishly and vigilantly. Natural fibers such as wool and cotton necessitate unlike care. Even the best-kept & cared rugs ultimately are exaggerated by every day wear and tear. However, with our best accessible care and consideration to cleaning and preserving, one can make sure that the rug remains in its finest state for as long as possible. Our experts will agree on the suitable cleaning method for rug which is based on its personage characteristics, source and sort to be used.

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Our carpet cleaning has skilled and certified technicians that are experts when it comes to formatting the cleaning methods for rug’s meticulous weave, fibers and dyes. We uses the most highly developed processes available today to systematically clean rugs, carpet & upholstery and get rid of any dirt, stains, or odours.

Thanks Center city Carpet Care for  excellent carpet cleaning experience. You care so much about delivering on every detail with quality and service, and it makes for a really positive experience all the way around.My carpets looks great!!!

“I love people who are experts at what they do. Center City Carpet Care. I really appreciate how he gave me a heads up what to expect before he started cleaning my carpets. Got out all the spots & brought my carpets back to life. Also steamed cleaned my couch & it looks great now! Highly recommend.”

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